What Do We Do?


Docking systems for every need.


Taking into consideration best position for privacy, snow accumulation, cost of construction, using existing fill, etc.


Careful planning from the first tree to be removed right to finished landscape. Use of natural rock for steps, driveways, and patios. Strategic planting of trees and open areas.


From clearing up of old farm buildings to decks and tired landscapes.

Septic Systems

Installed to new and existing properties.

Lot Clearing

Removing the necessary trees and under growth to position a new house or building, but also reading the lot to keep the best trees and position your new house for maximum view, catching sunshine, and avoiding drainage issues.


Removing and controlling all above and underground water, as well as understanding the potential hazards on a new site and working with clay soils.

Waterfront excavation


From farms to back yards. Retaining water to use or just to look at. Everyone needs water! We know how to control and use it to our best advantage.


Both the construction and repair of harbours. Boat channel excavation and help with permits and advice. Boat ramps and marine railways, erosion control, and sales of all types of docks.