Naylor Systems has been designing and building docks and marine systems since 1975, and is the producer of the broadest range of marine equipment to keep your boat safe and clean. They manufacture the most advanced docks, marine railways, and boat lifts on the market today, and continue to set the standard for the industry. Their galvanized and aluminum products are a familiar sight on your lake.

We hope you will select a Naylor System for innovative design, uncompromising quality, and dedication to your satisfaction.


Aluminium Docks

Naylor’s aluminum docks are lightweight and durable. Add your choice of timeless cedar or modern vinyl decking and you will be the envy of your neighbours.

Boat Lifts

We have a Boat Lift for practically any size craft, from personal watercraft to boats up to 20,000 lbs.

Roof Systems

Add a roof system and protect your boat from the harmful elements when not in use.

Roller Ramps

Roller ramps are perfect for keeping your small craft safe, and are simple to install and operate.

Personal Watercraft

We can help keep your personal watercraft safe and clean as well, with a variety of options available.

Towered Lift Docks

Towered lift docks are designed to save you time and effort. Spring installation and fall removal are made easy and can be performed by one person in minutes, not hours.

Shallow Water Boat Lifts

We also make Shallow Water Boat Lifts which are portable and built for extremely low water levels.

Wet Slip Boat Lifts

A wet slip boat lift is the best way to take advantage of a boathouse. Keep your boat safe in the summer and store it for the winter. Nothing could be easier!

Marine Railways

Our marine railways, made from galvanized steel or aluminum, let you store your boat safely on land or in a boathouse. Why pay storage fees at a marina in the off-season?